I am a software engineer with interest in distributed systems and open source.


Some projects

Solutions to programming contests

The most amazing thing, ever !

I strongly recommend this to everybody, this really changed my life. I think this is important because you will learn things (usually very hard to learn) as self-motivation and discipline. There are A LOT of topics that will be missing or poorly taught in our education, but with constant practice you will be able to learn all of this.

Besides this, I consider the programming contest is a lot of fun, I have known the most amazing people (currently some of my best friends) here. I also have known some places, with a little of luck you can travel a lot :D

Here is my repo with most of the solutions I’ve written.

Local programming communities in Pereira

I’ve been coorganizer of PereiraJS and Pereira Tech Talks in the last years.

We organize monthly meetings and some “big events” each year with the goal of teach people about programming and technology. We held events such as “the nodeschool day” and “The angular weekend”

GPlib : C++ Gaussian Process library

I worked on this project at my bachelor thesis with two friends and one master-legendary-sensei. We wrote a lot of C++ code to create a Gaussian Processes library, it would be great if any of you use it someday, just let us know.

You can find the code here


Feel free to get in touch with me. You can email me at manuel.felipe.pineda@gmail.com or send me a smoke signal on twitter